Showcase: Grand Master of the Deathwing – Belial

Hey all!

Still alive and painting! I had a lot of thing to deal with (and still dealing) last year, a big lack of motivation to post here; but new year, another chance to be more dedicated to the hobby and to this blog.

I painted Belial on Disciples of Caliban color, as the sucessor chapter I play. To this miniatuare I’ve tried to do zenital light on the armor with airbrush, as the cape/mantle too. The details I used a regular brush and a lot of washes/shades to make shadows.

I’m trying a new setup to take photos, I know they’re a little darkened.

Enough chitchat, time to pictures! Comments & suggestions are always welcomed!

 photo DA_BELIAL_FRONT_zpsb9byatrq.jpg

 photo DA_BELIAL_BACK_zpsh8wya5lq.jpg

 photo DA_BELIAL_SIDE01_zpspfui5ak6.jpg

On the Bench: Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus WIP I

Hi all,

I’m not dead… My camera still have problems and I have no time to do something about it. Another slow week for painting, but I managed to paint some parts of my new toy: Chaplain Seraphicus from DV box. This miniature is so, so nice sculpted… So gorgeous, so powerfull… I really want to exceed my limits and improve my paint job.

One of my ideas to do that is buying an airbrush to improve control and speed up a little bit my painting time; also I decide to work more on details, effects and whatever is important stuff to paint better a miniature (I’ll master the wet blending technique… I will!). Ok, enough talking… PICS or STUF!

4irw4lk3r’s out!

WIP II – Dark Angel Land Raider & Infinity

Hi all,

As I said, I’ll try to write more often so here is a wip LR.

I still have to finis this guy. I want to put some weathering and battle damage on it, any tip ? 🙂

And here my new (not so new) addiction, infinity! A fantastic skrmish game with awesome minitures and rules. This is my JSA army, I still have a lot of ninjas… Yeah! Ninjas to paint… 🙂

4irw4lk3r’s out

On the Bench: Terminator Squad

Já com primer e esperando a tinta, os dois últimos squads de terminators + membros do Command Squad que faltavam as ombreiras. Com o término deles, minha atenção se volta para minhas motos. 🙂 Estou pensando numa insignia para cada squad pra dar um toque indiidual a cada um. Além disso, consegui definir um tema para as bases: Deathwing x Word Bearers. Vai ficar bem legal! 😀

4irw4lk3r’s out