CGW Summer Tournament 2013 – Terraind WIP

Hi all,

I’m working hard to get everything done to CGW Summer Tournament. For that and other reason I’ve been a little distant from this blog. So, let me show you some terrains I’m making for the event.

And I finaly get a schema for my TAU army. Yes… I’m participating in a “Tale of paint” project and Tau was my choice… 🙂 So, you gonna see this little buddies around here.


CGW Summer Tournament Results

Hi all,

Last weekend I’ve participated in the funniest event ever, my club promote a 40K tournament. Five rounds, a lot of dices and laughs… I’ve score to the last result, but i’m ok with that at least I’ve had a great time with friends and made a new friends. My score was 0/2/3 (W/D/L), i played with my Deathwing list (supported with Ravewing). Later I’ll put my list with a army parade. 🙂

4irw4lker’s out