On the Bench: Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus WIP II

Hi all,

Another post to show my progress with Chaplain Seraphicus model… Drop a comment if you like it. 🙂

4irw4lk3r’s out!


On the Bench: Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus WIP I

Hi all,

I’m not dead… My camera still have problems and I have no time to do something about it. Another slow week for painting, but I managed to paint some parts of my new toy: Chaplain Seraphicus from DV box. This miniature is so, so nice sculpted… So gorgeous, so powerfull… I really want to exceed my limits and improve my paint job.

One of my ideas to do that is buying an airbrush to improve control and speed up a little bit my painting time; also I decide to work more on details, effects and whatever is important stuff to paint better a miniature (I’ll master the wet blending technique… I will!). Ok, enough talking… PICS or STUF!

4irw4lk3r’s out!

Hobby Money Balance – September 2012

Hi all! Yep… Sometimes you need to see how much you’re spending in this hobby. So, I want to set a montly budget for this beloved addiction.

  • Warhammer
    • Dark Vengeance (Limited ed.) – 244,73 R$
    • Tau Battleforce – 280,00
  • Infinity The Game
    • Rulebook & Human Sphere – 196,56 R$
  • Tools
    • Some paints – 39 R$
  • TOTAL – 760,29 R$

Hummm… Maybe too much fun this past month…