New year’s resolutions


This post it’s only to declare: “I’m not dead… again”. And, of course, to tell you I’ve to do some changes; as we have a new year full of opportunities I feel importante to write some posts in english and see what happens.

I’ve a lot of stuff to post but the laziness is still around here, however by the end of week i’m planning to take some pictures of my, finally, complete and fully painted Deathwing army. 🙂 In the end of this month my army will be in his first tournament, my club it’s promoting a Summer Tournament; i’m anxious about it.

So, i still don’t talk about my ‘gamer new year’s resolutions’:

  • Be more involved in the club activities (either fun stuff or administrative);
  • Collect a Warhammer Fantasy army (High Elf), paint and play a lot with it;
  • Enter in others tournaments this year;
  • Introduce a new member to the club;
  • Post more frequently (for real) and in english;

Ps.: Sorry if I made a terrible grammar errors, but i’m not english native. 🙂

4irw4lk3r’s out