Showcase: Grand Master of the Deathwing – Belial

Hey all!

Still alive and painting! I had a lot of thing to deal with (and still dealing) last year, a big lack of motivation to post here; but new year, another chance to be more dedicated to the hobby and to this blog.

I painted Belial on Disciples of Caliban color, as the sucessor chapter I play. To this miniatuare I’ve tried to do zenital light on the armor with airbrush, as the cape/mantle too. The details I used a regular brush and a lot of washes/shades to make shadows.

I’m trying a new setup to take photos, I know they’re a little darkened.

Enough chitchat, time to pictures! Comments & suggestions are always welcomed!

 photo DA_BELIAL_FRONT_zpsb9byatrq.jpg

 photo DA_BELIAL_BACK_zpsh8wya5lq.jpg

 photo DA_BELIAL_SIDE01_zpspfui5ak6.jpg

Game Day – Canoas 17-18/05/2014

Hello guys!

This was an amazing day for gaming, laughs and fun stuff. 40K battles to say goodbye to the 6th edition. Two epic games and two wins for Dark Angels!

First games was against Vitor’s Tiranids; 1500 points, mission was relic and deployment was hammer and anvil. I wont remember the details but both armies denied the relic objective and only score for the secondary objectives. I won because First Blood!

Second one was against Baldo’s Tau; 1500 points, mission was the scourging and deployment was vanguard strike. I remember only some highlights as a squad of ravenwing bikes was almost destroy by kroots snipers; terminator squad cant finished a squad of pathfinder and die after that and other terrible mistakes I have made but in the end I have secure the most values objectives! Another win for the Lion!

I am really happy with the results and looking forward to see what GW reserve for us in the 7th edition.

The list I’ve run:

HQ: Company Master (1, 135 pts)
Bolt Pistol; Power Field Generator; Power Sword
Circle; Preferred Enemy (CSM); Warlord

Command Squad (6, 285 pts)
Plasma gun (x2); Apothecary Standard of Devastation; Stubborn
Lascannon and TL Plasmagun

Troops: Tactical Squad (11, 205 pts)
Tactical Squad Boltgun (x8); Plasma gun;
Melta Bombs; Veteran Sergeant

Troops: Tactical Squad (11, 205 pts)
Tactical Squad Boltgun (x8); Plasma gun;
Melta Bombs; Veteran Sergeant

Elite: Deathwing Terminator Squad (6, 279 pts)
Deathwing Terminator
Lightning Claws (pair) (x1); Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield (x1); Heavy Flamer (x1)
Deathwing Terminator Sergeant
Power Sword; Storm Bolter

Fast Attack: Ravenwing Attack Squadron (6, 209 pts)
Ravenwing Biker
Meltagun (x2); Twin-Linked Boltgun (x4)

Ravenwing Attack Bike
Multi-melta; Twin-Linked Boltgun (x1)

Fast Attack: Nephilim Jetfighter (1, 180 pts)
Nephilim Jetfighter
6x Blacksword Missiles; Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter; Avenger Mega Bolter; Skyfire; Strafing Run; Unrelenting Hunter

4irw4lk3r’s out

Hey there!

After a long hiatus from this blog, I came back! 🙂 Well, at least for now. I’ll try to make this place more “alive”, so this post it’s only to make sure I still digging in little soldiers! 😀

Stay tuned, something coming up this weekend! 🙂

4irw4lk3r’s out

On the Bench: O-Yoroi Kidobutai Wip I

Hi everyone!

A quick update from my bench: Infinity FEVER! I attended a tournament, in fact a official infinity tornament, and make to second place. 😀

So I decided to paint all my infiniry models, the only one left is my TAG. I’ve managed to finish the crazy koalas (cute evil bear robots). Enough talk and more pics 🙂

4irw4lk3r’s out

A lot o things to tell! And few to show…

Hi folks!

Here we go! Another year, another post! Yeah! I’ve been working on many projects; as my new Tau army for “Tale of X gamers”, my (re)new DA army, my infinity models and my Sakura Wars resin model… None of these project had so much atention in the past, but for now on my will tray to always post something about it.

Ok, enough talking… 🙂 Some pictures for you folks.

These are my squad of 11 Fire warriors, i really like how it turn out… 🙂

And these is my new project: Sakura Wars resin model. 🙂 This model was so badly damage, so many parts with HUGE gaps between but I’m glad I have liquid green stuff… 🙂

I still have a lot of things to do, as my Chaplain Seraphicus (DV box) , all my ravenwing bikes and my new Terminator Command Squad (in fact Knights). So, let’s work!

4irw4lk3r’s out

CGW Summer Tournament 2013 – Terraind WIP

Hi all,

I’m working hard to get everything done to CGW Summer Tournament. For that and other reason I’ve been a little distant from this blog. So, let me show you some terrains I’m making for the event.

And I finaly get a schema for my TAU army. Yes… I’m participating in a “Tale of paint” project and Tau was my choice… 🙂 So, you gonna see this little buddies around here.